Armand Tellier with Carrie Harstad, occupational therapist

On May 27, 2017, Armand Tellier had a coronary artery bypass graft surgery.


Along the way, Tellier also developed pneumonia.


Tellier came to Life Care Center of Federal Way, Washington, on June 26, 2017, for help in regaining his independence. He needed moderate assistance with bathing and medication management, as well as some assistance with getting in and out of bed and walking.


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Tellier six days a week. They taught him safe techniques to get in and out of bed without straining his incision site, and they started off working on strengthening his legs. He used a recumbent bicycle and ergometer to exercise at the right intensity for his heart.


Eventually, physical therapists helped him practice walking on level surfaces and different kinds of surfaces that he would encounter in the community. Occupational therapists taught him how to use adaptive equipment to increase his independence.


As Tellier did his therapy, the therapists educated the family on how to care for him and prepare him for a safe transition home.


“When I came here, I was depressed, and they turned my whole life around,” said Tellier. “It’s unbelievable what they did for me. The therapists have been great.”


Tellier reached his goals and was able to return home with full independence on July 14.