Streeter with rehab aide Mark Basco

Erin Streeter was admitted to Life Care Center of Federal Way, Washington, on June 6, 2017, after she was in a car accident that fractured her pelvis and scapula, gave her a concussion and also lacerated her liver, a kidney and a lung.


When Streeter arrived at the facility, she needed full assistance for most of her daily activities. She also displayed cognition deficits with short-term memory problems due to her concussion.


Streeter met with physical, occupational and speech therapists five times a week. Electrical stimulation, in conjunction with ice, helped decrease the pain in her shoulder and hip. Mat exercises with progressive ankle weights, paired with special stretches for her hips and shoulders, allowed her to increase her range of motion in the injured joints. Adaptive equipment, such as a dressing stick, sock aid and long-handled sponge, enabled her to improve activities of daily living.


“[Erin’s] desire to achieve increased function was key to her success,” said Tammie Stanhope, physical therapist assistant. “She was always eager to participate with therapy.”


At the time of her discharge, Streeter was able to complete daily activities without assistance. She could walk up to 20 feet and cook and clean in her kitchen using a hemi walker. She was also within normal limits for cognition.


“When I arrived at Life Care Center of Federal Way, I was unable to stand on my own and didn’t know when I would again,” said Streeter. “Thanks to the therapy group, I was getting up and into a wheelchair in the first three days. I was very inspired to get better and get back to my family. Luckily, they were just as inspired as me.”


Streeter returned home on July 7 with the assistance of her father. She had home health follow-ups for several weeks and plans to return to the facility for outpatient occupational and physical therapies.