Frank Green with Mark Basco, physical therapy aide

When Frank Green came to Life Care Center of Federal Way, Washington, on April 21, 2017, he was completely dependent on others.


Green had suffered acute respiratory failure, pneumonia and even septic shock and had been left with very little strength or mobility. He needed total assistance with all of his daily self-care tasks, from brushing his teeth to taking a shower, as well as getting from the bed to a wheelchair and getting around in a wheelchair. He could not walk, and he needed extensive assistance to balance while sitting or standing.


His cognition and swallowing functions were also compromised.


Physical, occupational and speech therapists worked with Green five days a week.


“Initially, Frank was unable to walk or even to sit at the edge of his bed without support, so therapy began with a focus on increased activity tolerance, arms and legs and core strengthening,” said Jill Burgher, director of rehab services.


Physical therapy slowly got Green to the point he could sit up in his wheelchair better, which allowed him to work on activities of daily living with occupational therapy. He was then able to stand and eventually walk. He used an arm ergometer and a recumbent bicycle to build up his endurance, and using a balance board and Nintendo Wii allowed him to practice balance both standing and in motion.


“When I came in here, I was not able to walk or do anything, and now I’m back to where I was,” said Green. “The difference is just amazing. The therapy is really what did it. I look forward to it.”


Green achieved his goal of regaining independence and returned home on June 28.

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